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Countryman Microphones Deliver the Goods for Reality TV Production

"The Countryman B3 lavs never fail to impress,” Engelen added. “It is an extremely rugged mic and has proven itself time and again in some of the harshest conditions imaginable.

Countryman Microphones Help Capture the Excitement on “Escapeseeker” Travel Destinations Show

"Countryman’s EMW mics allow me to go where no microphone has gone before. It’s a product I can push to the limit without sacrificing dependable results—even when the circumstances make audio capture nearly impossible. As a sound mixer, I need a kit that makes me competitive and brings along a level of integrity that screams ‘pro’, and the EMW lavalier mics provide me with indispensable perks on set that clients never forget. I can’t imagine working a project without them!”

Countryman Microphones the Ideal Choice for Hikari Takano

"Unlike other interviews that sounded good once a lot of audio filtering and processing had been performed, the Countryman B3 delivered the sound just as it should be—without all the manipulation ... The Countryman B3 produces the cleanest and most natural sound I have ever encountered."

Countryman Microphone Proves Central To Documenting “1000k To Tokyo”

"Everything has been working out really well and having the B3 microphone in my audio toolbox has given me so much more flexibility in regards to rough weather audio/video capture. I know the results of this endeavor will be an invaluable asset to the kayak expedition community, not to mention anyone on the water who wants to capture some great audio—complete with immersion sounds. "

Paradigm Video Productions Excels With Superior Audio Performance From Countryman Associates

“I absolutely love the B3’s wonderful audio quality,” he said. “I’ve been equally impressed with their rugged build and their incredibly small size. These qualities enable me to discreetly place the mic on the talent and get first rate audio performance—without ever having to worry about equipment failure. Since I do so many live events, I only get one shot at getting it right. These mics inspire confidence when your business is location sound.”