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ISOMAX 2 All-Purpose Microphone

The ISOMAX 2 has true frequency-independent pattern control and precise response to capture strings, wind, brass and percussion beautifully while easily rejecting ambient sound.


Available in omni, cardioid, and hypercardioid patterns, the Isomax 2 offers true frequency-independent patterns, unlike competing mics that become omnidirectional at the low frequencies. This control, along with high SPL capability, makes the Isomax 2 a great all-around microphone for instruments, placement, or whatever the task at hand.

High overload

At sound pressure levels approaching the pain threshold, our ISOMAX 2 still won't distort. That's why it's a favorite for close-miking instruments.

Polar patterns

Precise polar pattern tuning provides unmatched feedback rejection and isolation from ambient noise.

Frequency Response:

Omnidirectional: 20 Hz to 20 kHz

Directional: 50 Hz to 20 kHz

Overload Sound Level: 150 dB SPL at 1% THD
Output Impedance: 600 Ohms +/- 2% balanced, transformerless. Will drive load impedance without distortion at full rated SPL.
Equivalent Acoustic Noise:

Omnidirectional: 25 dBA

Directional: 29 dBA

Power Requirements: 6V to 50V Phantom at 4mA. Voltage below 24V wil result in reduced overload SPL.
Sensitivity: 1.4 mV/Pascal

5/16" x 5/8" x 5/32" (8mm x 16mm x 4mm) excluding cable strain relief.

Cable Length:

5 Feet (wireless configurations)

10 Feet (hardwired configurations)

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ISOMAX 2 All-Purpose Microphone

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Choose the device which will connect to your microphone.

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Brand is the manufacturer of the wireless transmitter or digital recorder which will be used with the microphone. Choose "Hardwired" for a phantom powered XLR3 connection.

Model is the model number of the transmitter pack or digital recorder.

For digital recorders only choose how you would like the mono microphone signal routed:

"Audio on Left Channel" to route the mono microphone signal to the recorder’s left channel.

"Audio on Left and Right Channels" to route the mono microphone signal to the recorder’s left and right channels.


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Omnidirectional microphones pick up sound from all directions equally, whereas directional microphones focus more on one direction than others.

For microphones that are used very close to the source -- such as earsets, headsets, and head-worn lavaliers -- the omnidirectional pattern is usually the best option since the proximity to the source provides ample gain-before-feedback.

Directional E2 and E6 Earsets and directional H6 Headsets are marked with a green band.

For microphones used farther from the source -- such as hanging choir or podium mics -- or in situations requiring extreme isolation -- floor monitors or speakers nearby, very loud environments -- choose a directional microphone with a cardioid or hypercardioid pattern.

Omnidirectional microphones pick up sound from all directions equally.

Cardioid rejects more ambient noise compared to an omni while providing a wide front-lobe for flexibility in placement.

Hypercardioid provides the most rejection of ambient noise but has a narrower front-lobe.

Bidirectional or Figure 8 picks up sound equally from two directions, and are commonly used in mid-side recording setups.

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  • ISOMAX 2 Basic Clip

    ISOMAX 2 Basic Clip

    General purpose clip for drums, strings and percussion.


    Price: $16.11

    General purpose clip suitable for drums, strings and percussion.

  • ISOMAX 2 Flute Clip

    ISOMAX 2 Flute Clip

    Clip accommodates flutes up to 3/4" in diameter.


    Price: $16.64

    Clip accommodates flutes up to 3/4" in diameter.

  • ISOMAX 2 Guitar Clip

    ISOMAX 2 Guitar Clip

    Low-profile microphone guitar mount.


    Price: $16.64

    The ISOMAX 2 Guitar Clip accommodates guitars and other instruments with center sound holes.

  • ISOMAX 2 Sax and Horn Clip

    ISOMAX 2 Sax and Horn Clip

    Saxophone and horn mount.


    Price: $22.23

    The ISOMAX 2 Sax and Horn Clip has soft jaws that tightly grip the bell, with a stiff but adjustable wire that can be positioned at the center of the bell or twisted at the screw to capture sound through the keys.

  • ISOMAX 2 Stage Mount

    ISOMAX 2 Stage Mount

    Extremely low-profile boundary miking mount.

    SKU: A2CSM

    Price: $22.23

    The ISOMAX 2 Stage Mount provides extremely low-profile boundary miking for floors, lecterns, tables, and other surfaces.


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