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Countryman products come in a variety of colors to blend in with their surroundings:

Tan works perfectly for average Caucasian skin tones, as well as olive complexions and is a common earset choice.

Light beige works well in theatrical applications due to its slightly pink undertone, which is also appropriate for extremely fair skin.

Cocoa is the ideal choice for African American skin tones ranging from very light to chocolate.

Black is appropriate for extremely dark skin or for situations where you want the mic to be visible.

White is a versatile choice for light-colored clothing. The white protective caps available for our lavaliers can be colored with felt pens for a custom match to clothing.

For placement against skin, when in doubt, choose the darker option. That’s because a mic that’s too light can resemble a scar or blemish, while a mic that’s slightly darker than the background tends to blend much better and draws less attention.

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