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Transparent sound.

A transparent object lets light pass through without altering it in any way. Similarly, we design our products to be acoustically transparent. With our microphones and DIs, you capture your sound as accurately and cleanly as possible, full and free of feedback and noise.

and Reliable

How a microphone performs matters, but so does its ability to last. Your gear shouldn’t fail when you need it the most or degrade its performance over time.

Our microphones and direct boxes welcome your toughest challenges. Drops and knocks on stage. Extreme action during sports events and reailty TV. Rough handling by well-meaning volunteers or twists and bends during hurried costume changes.

Trusted, and

The Superbowl. The Grammies. American Idol. TED Talks. Our products escape notice everywhere they’re used, and deliver top-notch performance consistently and reliably.

We hand-craft our microphones and DIs in the San Francisco Bay Area, and hand-test every single one to ensure they’re ready to be a part of your system. We’re honored that our products are a part of audio traditions worldwide, and we’d love to hear your stories.


We strive to make our products invisible, and let the audience
focus on the performers. To do this, we start by designing the
smallest microphones in the world. From custom microminiature
connectors and cables to tiny electronics assemblies, we obsess
over each corner and every millimeter to do more in less space.

Photo: Caprice 50th Anniversary / Jan-Olav Wedin

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