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  • Plugging a Countryman into a Computer/Laptop

    When plugging a Countryman Microphone into a computer/laptop, we have two options: 1. Microphone with a Turtle Beach Amigo, with D2 code (example, E6DW5T2D2): This would be the highest performance, lightest weight, most reliable solution. 2. Microphone with a Shure X2U adaptor, with hardwired cable (example, E6DP5T2): This option offers excellent performance with...
  • Where can I purchase Countryman products in my area?

    We have hundreds of online and local partners worldwide with expertise in every market. Call 800-669-1422 or email and we’ll connect you a convenient dealer and any assistance you need.
  • Will my microphone work with this device?

    Most Countryman microphones can be ordered to match hundreds of transmitters, digital recorders, and other devices. You can check compatibility and completely configure a microphone on each product page--just click the blue "Configure" button. We also keep a list of the most popular options--along with the proper connector and wiring--on...
  • Where can I get a cable?

    E6 Earset Cables, E2 Earset Cables, and H6 Headset Cables are available online and from any of our worldwide dealer partners. Call 800-669-1422 or email and we’ll connect you a convenient dealer and any assistance you need.
  • Is there an adapter to allow my microphone to work with another device?

    Very likely yes. If you have an E6 Earset, E2 Earset, or H6 Headset, we provide detachable cables to adapt your microphone to work with almost any transmitter, recorder, or audio device. The B2D Directional Lavalier is available with detachable connectors for switching between different wireless systems, XLR inputs, or...
  • Microphone Wiring

    Microphone Wiring 1. For E6 with Duramax 2mm cable, substitute RED for WHITE 2. For E6 with Duramax 2mm cable, clip the BLACK wire. 3. The D2 code connects the microphone output to the "left" channel of the recorder only.  To connect the microphone to both the "left" and "right"...
  • Product Selection

    MICROPHONE SELECTION GUIDE Need help selecting an E6? The E6 Earset Selection Guide will help you configure the perfect earset. Over thirty-five years ago, Countryman Associates started as a company crafting custom microphones direct boxes, and audio products for touring rock bands and performers. Today, we still aim to fulfill...
  • Application Notes

    Application Notes AN001: Fitting the E6 Earset Microphone This application note shows a quick method for getting a secure, tailored fit with an E6 Earset microphone. download pdf now AN002: Wiring Two Countryman Microphones to One Transmitter This application note outlines a method for connecting two Countryman B3s to a...
  • Usage Tips

    Usage Tips How do I custom-fit the E6 or E6i to my ear? It's very easy to custom-fit an earset to any ear or face. First, locate the 90-degree bend in the tubing immediately above the earset's cable connection. That 90-degree bend is designed to tuck perfectly in the small...
  • E6i Shaping

    E6i Shaping

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